Grand Final Supporters Bus

24 August 2019 12:00PM SUFG (No.2 Oval) , Regimental Dr, NSW, Australia.
All four teams are off to the Big Dance! Take the supporters bus from Sydney Uni to Bankwest Stadium to watch the Students in 4 Grand Finals! Please read the details below

Sydney Uni to Bankwest Stadium

  • Bus 1 departing at 8.15am  to arrive in time for 4th Grade (This bus will only be available if we get 40 people interested - you will be notified and refunded if the bus is cancelled on Friday)
  • Bus 2 departing at 11.30am to arrive in time for 2nd Grade

Bankwest Stadium to Sydney Uni

  • All buses will return to the SUFG at 5.15pm for the Grand Final after party! 

Grand Final T-Shirts

Bus tickets come with a Grand Final T-Shirt so we can fill the stands with gold!

Match Timings 

  • 4th Grade - Sydney Uni v Eastwood - 9.05am
  • 3rd Grade - Sydney Uni v Gordon - 10.50am
  • 2nd Grade - Sydney Uni v Eastern Suburbs - 12.50pm
  • 1st Grade - Sydney Uni v Warringah - 3.15pm